Japan’s Fuji Rock Festival set for free YouTube livestream


The Fuji Rock Festival’s beautiful mountain setting has long made it a favourite of artists and fans alike. This year, for the first time it will be easy to watch from around the world too, courtesy of a free livestream on YouTube.

Due to take place on 29-31 July, the stream is being supported by SoftBank as well as two of Alphabet’s brands: YouTube Music and Google Pixel. The event’s four main stages will be filmed and selected performances streamed, along with artist interviews, on the Fuji Rock festival YouTube channel, which has nearly 400,000 subscribers.

YouTube has worked with several festivals in the west on livestreams, but this is quite big news in Japan, where TV is still the emphasis for festival broadcasts, meaning a free YouTube stream feels new. It could also be a good opportunity for some Japanese artists playing Fuji Rock to reach a global audience.

Written by: Stuart Dredge