SoundCloud under fire over Repost Network’s past contracts


SoundCloud bought distribution firm Repost Network in 2019 as part of its plan to double down on tools and services for independent artists.

Repost has since become a key part of its offering for musicians, but a report on Billboard has been shining a spotlight on some of its past contractual terms.

“It buried contractual details — previously a two-year exclusive license, a 30% cut of all revenue, and an auto-renewal — in terms of service,” reported Billboard, in a larger piece based on interviews with artists who signed up to those terms.

The full article is worth reading, and SoundCloud has issued a statement in response. “Repost has introduced a better revenue share while increasing its offerings, made terms and conditions more easily accessible, further developed parental consent protocol for artists under 18, added dedicated customer service and more,” said the company.

Written by: Stuart Dredge