Cypress Hill sue Peloton over “unlicensed use” of music


Peloton has had a rocky year or so: shares in the Fitness startup are down by 95% from their all-time high, and it’s made dramatic changes: outsourcing manufacturing, and focusing on expanding its product range and the classes that made its name.

Part of those classes’ appeal, of course, is music, and picking songs that get home exercisers hyped up. Songs like Cypress Hill’s hits “Insane in the Brain,” and “(Rap) Superstar”, for instance – except now, Billboard reports, Peloton is facing claims that these songs, and others, have been used without having the correct licensing in place.

Soul Assassins Inc., a company owned by ex-Cypress Hill member DJ Muggs, own portions of the songs in question (including House of Pain’s “Jump Around”, also co-written by Muggs) and claims that Peloton did not obtain “a license for one hundred percent of the song.”

Peloton was sued back in in 2019 by a group of US music-publishers for copyright infringement, and settled a year later after agreeing to a “joint collaboration agreement,” a solution which may possibly also appeal to Cypress Hill.

Written by: Joe Sparrow