Jay Chou is the “King of Mandopop”, and has sold tens of millions of records – but is also known in his native Taiwan as an artist, actor, rapper, producer, TV presenter *and* fashion designer. It’s no surprise, then, that he’s getting into NFTs too – and his approach is typically multi-faceted. He has recently teamed up with football team Paris Saint Germain to launch NFTs that raise money for charity. Chou and PSG, in turn, hope that it will raise their profiles in each other’s home territory.

British visual artist Damien Hirst is perhaps best known for his work in the 90s, when he became a household name in the UK for pickling cows and sheep. Since then, his work has pushed the boundaries of the relationship with art and money, and he’s made plenty of both. His NFT art experiment has already seen him sell 10,000 unique “dot paintings”, each with an accompanying NFT, at $2,000 each. The interesting part starts now: buyers were given the choice of swapping their NFT for the physical painting, or keeping the NFT – but their corresponding painting would be burnt. Over half – 5,820 – chose to keep the NFT, and burning of their paintings commences on 9th August. Which would you prefer to own?

The NFT frenzy has slowed somewhat, but investors still see a viable future in the sale of digital items. NFT marketplace OneOf announced the closing over $8M in a new strategic round to accelerate the development of its platform in the music, sports and brands areas. Investors participating in the new round include Amex Ventures and Snow Hill Ventures. OneOf has now raised a total of $72m, and is backed by, amongst others, Quincy Jones. In the turbulent NFT world, marketplaces are possibly the safest investment.

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