Symphonic acquires Streaming Promotions


The technological changes that the music industry has undergone means that many long-standing descriptions may start to need tweaking. Yesterday, we reported on the suggestion of changing the definition of “catalogue” from 18 months to 5 years, and today we find ourselves wondering if there’s a better description of “distributors” in an era when they offer so many ancillary services, like marketing and royalty analytics, and so on.

A case in point: having raised a $37m funding round, distributor Symphonic has snapped up “authentic playlist pitching” service Streaming Promotions. It’s a platform that aims to grow artist communities on streaming platforms by placing songs on legitimate third party playlists, “without the shortcuts of payola or bots”. Symphonic clearly sees this pitching approach as being a part of the modern distribution pipeline, along with label, and various content management, services.

Streaming Promotions will remain a separate entity, and Symphonic says it will apply its technology and infrastructure to grow the business, clientele, and services.

Written by: Joe Sparrow