Snap’s Lenses and reaching non-music-fan music fans


Snap recently launched “Ghost Phone” – an “AR Game Mini” that was built in-house, and runs via their Lens technology. It’s a gamified story about an “average teen” who buys a refurbished phone and starts to experience spooky things, which are then brought into the Snapchat user’s actual surroundings.

Music – which you could argue is the original experience which augments your reality – is probably not in danger of having its lunch eaten by fun AR games designed to scare teenagers, but it’s a reminder that music is now competing for attention across an increasingly cluttered world of alternative attention-grabbing technologies: AR, VR, live-streaming, esports, and so on.

Or, the other way to look at it is that music has more opportunities than ever to bed into interesting creative experiences – and make deep connections with devoted niche audiences. Making an AR experience like this one to promote your artist is one thing; but where and how can music fit into these new use cases in ways that perhaps connect with people who don’t really consider themselves “music fans”?

Written by: Stuart Dredge