Report: fewer than 1% of Netflix subs are playing its games


Netflix has been getting deeper into mobile gaming, launching a selection of titles for its service in recent times. How are they going down? Let’s politely call it ‘early days’ judging by estimates from research firm Apptopia.

The company told CNBC that its data suggests Netflix’s games are being played by around 1.7 million people a day: fewer than 1% of its subscribers. A big flop? Not just yet: there’s been a sense here of Netflix feeling its way into the gaming world, testing out different kinds of games – including a number based on its original shows – and understanding what it might do.

Indeed, rather than paint the current user stats as a failure, the CNBC piece reports that Netflix is doubling down on its investment in gaming, with plans to boost its mobile game catalogue from 24 titles now to 50 by the end of this year.

Netflix acquired mobile games developer Next Games for $72m in March to start increasing that pipeline.

Written by: Stuart Dredge