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It’s more than two and a half years since Sonos first sued Google alleging patent infringement, but the legal battle shows no signs of cooling down.

That initial lawsuit in January 2020 was followed by a second in September that year, although Google had already counter-sued over the first. Now Google has made another strike, suing Sonos with a pair of its own lawsuits for, yes, patent infringement. The company also plans to seek a ban on imports of some Sonos devices into the US in the days ahead, according to The Verge.

The two companies are also trading criticism, with Google attacking Sonos’s “aggressive and misleading campaign against our products, at the expense of our shared customers”, and Sonos slamming the new lawsuits as an “intimidation tactic” to “retaliate against Sonos for speaking out against Google’s monopolistic practices”.

Sonos won the last round of this battle with a US International Trade Commission ruling in its favour in January 2022, but Google clearly isn’t done with the fight just yet.

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