Music NFTs roundup: Aitch x LimeWire, HitPiece, MetaSing…


Filesharing service LimeWire was reborn this year as an NFTs marketplace, complete with $10.4m of token-sale funding and a deal with UMG. Now it’s bagged one of the UK’s most prominent artists for a drop: Aitch.

The rapper will be launching his first NFTs collection on LimeWire later today: 16 digital trading cards based on the tracks from his new album, with contest elements for buyers to win IRL perks: VIP access and concert passes; a FaceTime or shopping trip with Aitch himself; signed physical artworks on canvas etc.

Elsewhere, startup HitPiece has launched its music NFTs marketplace, plus a partnership with Audible Magic to make sure those NFTs aren’t infringing copyright.

That’s a welcome step for a company whose initial appearance earlier this year sparked criticism from artists, who visited its site to find that their tracks had seemingly been turned into NFTs (albeit not actually minted) without their knowledge or permission.

CEO Rory Felton’s statement on the launch this week refers to “many positive conversations with artists” since then that have shaped the launch – including a signup and verification system for artists wanting to sell NFTs on HitPiece.

Finally today, web3 music-streaming startup MetaSing has raised $3m of seed funding and launched a run of 6,900 NFTs that will function as its “privileged membership card” for early adopters.

Written by: Stuart Dredge