Apple launches charts for subscription podcasts and channels


Apple has launched two new charts tracking the popularity of paid shows on its Apple Podcasts service. ‘Top Subscriber Shows’ will rank the most popular shows that offer subscriptions, while ‘Top Subscriber Channels’ does the same for groups of shows (‘channels’ in Apple’s parlance) bundled into subscriptions by different publishers.

For now, the charts have launched in the US, UK, Canada and Australia, and will be viewable through the Apple Podcasts app on iOS and Mac devices. Apple also released some stats about the trends in the first versions of the charts. 65% of the top subscriber shows are “independently founded and produced”, and 60% are hosted by women.

Meanwhile, the most popular channel subscription in the US right now is Wondery+ – the channel whose parent company is a subsidiary of… Amazon! A small sign that the world of Big Podcasts is not yet entirely siloed between the tech giants.

Written by: Stuart Dredge