Music-making app Starmony adds one of Drake’s producers


Starmony is the Swedish startup that emerged in 2021 with an AI-powered music creation app, helping people to create tracks with their singing plus custom-made backing tracks.

Now the company has announced a collaboration with music producer BricksDaMane, who counts Drake, Lil Wayne and Migos among his past clients. “Now, his productions are made available on the Starmony app,” explained Starmony in its announcement.

It’s a little unclear what this means: whether it’s beats and backing tracks created by BricksDaMane that haven’t been used by those famous artists, or the actual music, or something else. In any case, the pitch is that Starmony’s users can get some A-List production dazzle on their creations.

Talking of which, Starmony also said that its users have made more than 100k tracks since its launch last year.

Written by: Stuart Dredge