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Startup HIFI Labs describes itself as a “creative incubator and artist mentorship collective” focusing on web3 technologies. One of its projects furthering that is its ‘web3 Artist Cohort Program‘ that gathers small groups of emerging artists to train them in web3 tools and resources.

The company has already run two of these programs, in June and August, and has now opened the applications process for the third round.

“Over the last fifteen years working in music, I have asked many musicians what they need more of in order to be successful and that answer is almost unanimously one word – ‘resources.’ HIFI Labs’ Web3 Artist Cohort program is our answer to that, a way to utilise web3 tools and technology to connect artists with the top three resources they need in order to counter career roadblocks – money, information and strategy,” said HIFI Labs’ head of web3 and artist teams Henry Chatfield.

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