Tidal’s ‘Music School’ explores genres and geographies


As parents across the world breathe a sigh of relief when their children go back to school, Tidal is hoping that an educational angle will drive more listening on its service.

It’s launched what it’s describing as a “learning hub” called Music School, which will gather playlists designed to introduce listeners to music from various genres and parts of the world.

There are ‘Genre for Beginners’ playlists with 20 key tracks from country, metal, dance and other genres; ‘Geography for Beginners’ playlists that do the same thing for countries. A ‘Dive Deeper’ section will offer playlists for more than 90 sub-genres: drill rap, Latin jazz, death metal and more.

Meanwhile, for children there will be introductory playlists to music genres too, carefully chosen to avoid explicit language and themes.

Written by: Stuart Dredge