Twitch drops exclusivity rules for livestream partners


Until now, people who’d achieved ‘partner’ status on Twitch were subject to some exclusivity requirements in terms of livestreaming.

Yesterday, Twitch announced that it has now dropped those rules. “Once your Twitch live streams end, you may live stream elsewhere immediately,” explained the company in a FAQ.

In other words, it’s now happy for streamers to broadcast on platforms like Facebook and YouTube, as long as it’s not at the same time as on Twitch.

“We do not allow simulcasting on web-based, Twitch-like services that support streaming for extended periods of time, such as YouTube and Facebook, because we believe engaging with two streams at once can lead to a sub-optimal experience for your community,” clarified the company.

“However, we know many of you want to use other services to grow your community, so simulcasting on short form, mobile services, such as TikTok or Instagram Live, is allowed.”

Useful information for musicians getting to grips with Twitch, and how it fits into their plans on other services.

Written by: Stuart Dredge