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Peloton has made its latest strategic shift in its efforts to reignite its fitness-tech business. The company has begun selling its exercise bike and strength-focused Guide device on Amazon in the US.

Previously, Peloton sold all its products itself, from its website and showrooms, so Amazon is its first third-party ecommerce partner. “A natural extension of our business and an organic way to increase access to our brand,” as chief commercial officer Kevin Cornils put it. “We want to meet consumers where they are, and they are shopping on Amazon.”

Peloton has also launched some of its accessories and clothing on Amazon alongside those devices. For now this is a retail partnership, but there had been speculation earlier this year that Amazon might be tempted to make an acquisition bid for Peloton.

With sales now happening on its platform, Amazon may now get the data to encourage any such move in the future – or, indeed, to discourage it.

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