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We know that Instagram loves its Reels format and is making it a bigger priority within its app, but do Instagram users agree? A report published this month by influencer marketing firm HypeAuditor suggests they might.

The company says that it analysed 77.6m Instagram posts to compare their performance. It found that Reels were 22.1% of those posts, compared to 42.2% that were images, 26.2% that were carousel posts, and 9.6% that were non-Reels videos. However, Reels accounted for 35.4% of the likes for all this content, and 33.8% of the ‘estimated reach distribution’.

“This data gives us an idea of how Instagram prioritized Reels over other types of content,” reported HypeAuditor. It also noted that only 41% of the influencers whose accounts it analysed posted Reels. “59% did not take advantage of this opportunity, even though Reels gave more reach and engagement…”

We sense that will be changing fast, given Instagram’s focus on the format.

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