Marketing round-up: sheet music “leak” and Asia-Pacific report


Data and research company Luminate’s latest study on the Asia-Pacific region shows that audio/video music streaming platforms are a highly popular form of music discovery in that region.  APAC music listeners, the report says, are 39% more likely than U.S. listeners to leverage video/audio streaming services as a music discovery tool. In the U.S., 46% of listeners discover new music this way, but in Indonesia, these services are used to find new music for 77% of its listeners. DSPs have responded to the market’s needs by offering daily or weekly one-time mobile plans (“premium mini subscriptions”) that grant temporary access and targeted premium features to the full audio catalogue.

And here’s an interesting take on the trend of pre-release “official leaks”: Icelandic-Chinese singer-songwriter Laufey “leaked” her upcoming album in the form of digital sheet music in exchange for fans pre-saving the album. 24,000 fans downloaded the music and took posted their own renditions of the songs before they had been officially released.

Written by: Joe Sparrow