If you, like us, boggled at the 44.2 million viewers attracted by a recent Backstreet Boys livestream on WeChat… well, prepare to boggle even more. Hong Kong artist Andy Lau performed in a concert streamed on ByteDance’s Douyin app last weekend, and 350 million people tuned in.

According to the South China Morning Post, around 100 million of them started watching in the first half an hour, but the two-hour concert proceeded to attract another 250 million by its finish.

It’s a show of strength not just for the 61 year-old Cantopop star, but also for Douyin, ByteDance’s Chinese version of TikTok. Back in January 2020, ByteDance said that Douyin had 400 million daily active users, and while that’s likely to have grown since, it still suggests that a huge proportion of the app’s users watched Lau’s concert.

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