Commercial tracks are only 7% of music used for US television


A new report commissioned by the Production Music Association (PMA) has broken down the sources of music used for broadcast and cable television networks in the US.

The PMA commissioned BMAT to produce the report, which found that more than 46% of the music played on these networks is now production music, and just 7% commercial music (i.e. that previously released by labels). The other 47% was ‘unclassified’ – a category that includes commissioned music, film and TV scores, catalogues owned by the broadcasters, and production music libraries that weren’t tracked separately in the study. On a wider level, the report found that music is used in 39% of total airtime on US broadcast and cable networks.

Clearly, a study commissioned by an industry body representing the production music sector will highlight its most positive findings about… the production music sector! But the report may nonetheless spark some discussions within labels and publishers about what they could do to increase commercial music’s share of this usage.

Written by: Stuart Dredge