Amazon launches a rewards fund for its Amp radio-like service


Amazon launched its Amp app in March this year, as a way for anyone to sign up to broadcast a (fully licensed) music radio station.

At the time, there was no way for these hosts to actually make money from their broadcasts, but Amazon did promise that it was working on some ideas. Now it has announced one of them officially: a ‘Creator Fund’ that will pay Amp broadcasters who are doing well.

The rewards will be dished out every month, with creators eligible if they’ve hosted at least one live show that month; are over 18 (or have a payment account set up for a parent or guardian); and live in the US.

Amazon hasn’t said anything about how much it will be paying, but it has offered a little detail on the criteria. “Generally we’re assessing shows based on listener engagement and show performance metrics, such as show popularity with new and recurring listeners,” explained its FAQ, while warning that these metrics may change over time.

Written by: Stuart Dredge