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Arpeggi Labs is one of the most interesting startups we’ve seen exploring the intersection of web3 with music-making.

It’s an online tool for creating music with collaboration to the fore: artists can make their sounds and tracks available for sampling and remixing by others in Arpeggi’s community, with a system of attribution/credit built around this.

“Whether one-shot samples, loops, or full compositions, with Arpeggi, any sound you hear is a sound you can create with,” is how the company explains it in its latest blog post.

“With the click of a button, you can go from listening to remixing using Arpeggi’s in-browser DAW. When ready, press mint to publish your song back to the platform and make it available for reuse by others.”

Investors are keen: the company has just raised $5.1m of seed funding led by the crypto arm of VC firm Andreessen Horowitz. Kygo’s Palm Tree Crew fund, 3lau, Steve Aoki and Wyclef Jean are among the other investors, as well as the Audius Foundation.

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