Cinq Music sues Create Music Group over YouTube payouts


The simmering row over YouTube royalties being claimed by the wrong rightsholders may be heading to court. Cinq Music Group is suing Create Music Group over the YouTube payouts for 2016 track ‘I’m Sorry’ by Swell.

Billboard has the details, noting that the song uses a sample by another artist, Shiloh Dynasty, which Cinq says was properly cleared. However, it claims that Create Music Group (which represents Shiloh Dynasty) has issued copyright infringement notices against ‘I’m Sorry’ which are “impeding and interfering with” Cinq’s ability to make money from the track’s YouTube streams.

However, Create Music Group has hit back, saying that “we are protecting the rights of our client by blocking Cinq’s improper monetization and synchronization efforts of audio-visual content which they don’t have the rights to”.

The dispute follows Billboard’s recent article reporting criticism of Create’s approach to YouTube claims, and the company’s defence of them.

Written by: Stuart Dredge