YouTube to announce Shorts ads and partner program changes


Through the sheer weight of on-platform promotional power, YouTube has driven its Shorts format to 30bn daily views. Now it’s ready to start pulling the levers to make money from that through advertising. The New York Times reported on an anticipated announcement this week of ads on Shorts, and the system around it for sharing the revenues with the creators of these short videos.

“The company plans to pay creators 45 percent of the ad money, according to one of the people,” claimed the NYT, noting that this would be a smaller rev-share than YouTube’s traditional 55% payout from regular videos. The report also suggested that YouTube will be lowering the requirements for people to join its partner program, opening up the ability to make money to an even larger community of creators.

All this might be accompanied by an expansion of YouTube’s tests of sharing revenues from videos containing commercial music with the video creators, rather than just with rightsholders.

Written by: Stuart Dredge