Warner Music Group is latest major label to sue Bang Energy


Energy drinks firm Bang Energy has secured an unfortunate achievement: a full house of major-label copyright infringement lawsuits. We’ve reported on rulings in cases brought by Universal Music Group and Sony Music already this year, but now WMG has filed its own lawsuit against Bang Energy.

As with the others, it focuses on use of WMG’s music in the brand’s videos on TikTok and Instagram – nearly 200 songs according to the label group – without the necessary licences. WMG is accusing Bang Energy of “blatant, willful, and repeated copyright infringement” because the music licences signed by these social media platforms only cover user-generated (personal) content, rather than brands’ videos.

The UMG and Sony rulings both went against Bang Energy on the question of its own videos, but the labels received a pushback when it came to videos posted by external influencers paid by Bang Energy to promote its products. However, on the first aspect, WMG will be confident of prevailing, given the recent rulings on its rivals’ lawsuits.

Written by: Stuart Dredge