ERA claims musicians AND DSPs are more popular than labels


Perhaps diplomatically, UK industry body the Entertainment Retailers Association chose “artists and songwriters more popular than film stars” as the headline for its latest piece of research. The spice comes in the subhead, claiming that “streaming services beat record labels and film studios”.

This is all based on ERA’s longstanding consumer-tracker research, which interviews 2,000 Brits every quarter about a range of topics. This time, they were asked how positively or negatively they feel about various entities and companies.

It’s good news for musicians: artists scored +39% positive sentiment in the tracker, with songwriters on +35%. Streaming services scored +17%, but record companies were on -11%. Perhaps not a big surprise: labels won’t smart at musicians being more popular, although the DSPs comparison may sting a bit.

The research was released alongside another ERA announcement hailing CEO Kim Bayley’s 20th anniversary as boss of the organisation.

Written by: Stuart Dredge