Rightsholders play catalogue hokey cokey with Resso and Meta


In, out, in, out, shake it all about! It being your music catalogue if you’re a rightsholder wanting to make a point when negotiating your licensing deal with a prominent DSP or social platform.

Kobalt was out of Meta, pulling its repertoire from the social giant’s services in the US in July after “fundamental differences” stymied a renewal before its previous deal elapsed. Now it appears to be back in, with MBW reporting on a memo sent to Kobalt’s publishing clients letting them know a deal has now been signed.

The hokey-cokey spotlight now moves on to Resso, ByteDance’s music-streaming service in India, Brazil and Indonesia. Billboard and MBW both reported that Sony Music has pulled its catalogue from the service in all three countries. While neither side has commented officially, Resso users have been expressing their frustration on social media at the disappearance of music by popular Sony-signed artists.

Is this specific to the terms being offered by Resso, or a lever being pulled as rightsholders start amping up the pressure on its parent company, ByteDance, over the way TikTok licenses and pays for music? Time will tell.

Written by: Stuart Dredge