Startup Fairplay launches a music licensing service in India


Music industry lawyer Priyanka Khimani has seen some of India’s most tricky licensing deals and disputes up close, but now she’s involved with a startup that’s aiming to make it easier to license music there. The startup is Fairplay, founded by Ravdeep Anand, whose music marketing agency has worked with the likes of Marshmello, Skrillex and Deadmau5 on merch.

Khimani is an advisor and investor in the new company, which is aiming to build a catalogue of music from artists, songwriters, composers and rightsholders. It will then work on licensing that music to clients.

“The aim is to have a plethora of musical offerings capable of catering to the myriad requirements of customers, from films to advertising to live events to streaming,” said Anand. “At the heart of Fairplay is our desire to create an ecosystem that’s accessible, easy and equal to all. Fairplay quite literally for us translates to Fair Pay – not just for the customer looking to pay fair price for a music licence, but for the rights holder and artist too.”

The startup is being launched today at the All About Music conference in Mumbai, and we’ll have a deeper dive into what it’s up to next week.

Written by: Stuart Dredge