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Bodies representing music venues in the UK have been drum-banging energetically to warn that spiralling costs of gas and electricity could put many of their members out of business. This morning, the British government outlined its plans to rein in energy bills for businesses in the UK – separate to plans to help out households.

The details are here, and the relevant industry bodies have quickly responded. “Music Venue Trust warmly welcomes this intervention by the Government, which appears at face value to comprehensively tackle the immediate short term energy crisis for Grassroots Music Venues,” said Music Venue Trust CEO Mark Davyd. While awaiting full details, he said that what’s been announced will hopefully be “sufficient to avert the collapse of the sector if it is fully delivered”.

Meanwhile, Night Time Industries Association CEO Michael Kill offered a mixed response. “We remain concerned that this measure to cap the wholesale price to Energy supply companies may not result in sufficient relief being extended to business customers, given that energy suppliers remain free to impose additional mark-ups such as network charges and operating costs, which are uncapped,” he said.

As ever with hurriedly-announced legislation, the devil will absolutely be in the details, and both bodies have promised to scrutinise those details carefully, and hold the government to account over any loopholes.

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