Spotify adds ‘Planet Hip-Hop’ to its branded Roblox island


One problem with music experiences on Roblox is that many of them are one-offs: a single performance or album launch then nothing more. Fans can still visit these worlds, but they’re essentially digital tumbleweed.

Thankfully that doesn’t appear to be the case with Spotify’s Roblox strategy. It started with its own island, then built a K-Pop-focused ‘K-Park’ as its first expansion. Now there’s another new zone: Planet Hip-Hop.

It’s launching with a virtual swamp built for US artist Doechii, complete with merch, customisable cars and a Soundtrap-powered music creation feature. The merch is worth watching: clothing, emotes, parkour effects and other items are being sold, including the option to have them virtually ‘signed’ by Doechii.

“Net proceeds from digital sales on Roblox are distributed to the rights-holders of the items,” noted Spotify in its blog post, without (of course!) quantifying the revenue share here. Planet Hip-Hop sits within Spotify Island on Roblox, which at the time of writing has been visited 13.8m times, and has been favourited by nearly 143,000 people.

Written by: Stuart Dredge