Twitch tweaks its revenue-sharing deals with top streamers


Twitch’s standard revenue share for channel subscriptions is 50/50, but the Amazon-owned platform is having to have a somewhat delicate conversation with its creator community about it.

Why? Because some of its most popular streamers were on better deals – agreements that are now being tweaked to match those offered to the rest of the community.

“As we reflected on how we handled these premium deals, we realized a few problems,” wrote Twitch president Dan Clancy in an open letter to Twitch streamers yesterday.

“First, we had not been transparent about the existence of such deals. Second, we were not consistent in qualification criteria, and they generally went to larger streamers. Finally, we don’t believe it’s right for those on standard contracts to have varied revenue shares based on the size of the streamer.”

Twitch can’t just bump all its top channels down to a 50/50 rev-share for their subscriptions though, so there’s a carefully-crafted sliding scale where they still get 70% of their first $100k of subs revenue, then 50% of everything above that.

Clancy said that Twitch can’t offer everyone a 70/30 split due to the costs of delivering the service, although he did note that the company recently bumped up creators’ share of advertising revenues to 55%.

Written by: Stuart Dredge