Beatport gender-parity initiative invests $100k in three groups


Earlier this year, electronic-music brand Beatport announced a new gender parity initiative that would support organisations working with women and non-binary artists and DJs. Five months on, the first three recipients of funding from the initiative have been announced. $100k will be shared between Future Female Sounds, Lady of the House and #FORTHEMUSIC.

Future Female Sounds is a non-profit community founded in 2017 which offers training and other resources to DJs who are women or gender minorities.

Lady of the House started life as a book about women in electronic music, and has since expanded into a community with plans to launch an artist development program.

Finally, #FORTHEMUSIC is part of an organisation called Metoo Music, and is a campaign to tackle sexual harassment and assault in and around the dance scene.

“We need more than words to reshape the industry. Beatport stepping up to the community’s call of diversity and inclusion in dance music is a great step in the right direction,” said Lady of the House founder Laila Mckenzie.

Written by: Stuart Dredge