Discrimination and harassment ‘rife’ in UK music industry


British industry body the Incorporated Society of Musicians (ISM) has published its new ‘Dignity at Work’ report based on a survey of 660 people working in the music sector.

It’s the latest study to highlight discrimination and harassment within the industry. 66% of respondents said that they had experienced some form of discrimination while working in music, with 58% of reported discrimination identified as sexual harassment.

Meanwhile, 88% of self-employed respondents who experienced discrimination did not report it. Why? Well, 94% said they had no one to report it to.

The report also offered some suggestions on how to tackle these challenges, including trade bodies taking a more active role in policing members; training across the industry; and changes to UK legislation to protect freelancers.

“The music workforce is primarily freelance which makes it particularly vulnerable to victimisation if concerns or complaints are made. This must stop,” said ISM CEO Deborah Annetts.

Written by: Stuart Dredge