Portal power: new launches from MLC and PRS for Music


You wait ages for two portals that want to help music royalties flow to the right people, then two come along at once.

The new launches from the US’s Mechanical Licensing Collective (MLC) and British collecting society PRS for Music target different challenges and sections of the music community, but they’re part of the wider drive to get ‘black box’ (unmatched) royalties into the hands of their rightful recipients.

The MLC’s Distributor Unmatched Recordings Portal (DURP, which might be our favourite music-biz acronym of 2022) is for independent music distributors, to help them see the unmatched data for sound recordings that they have distributed. The aim is that the artists they work with can make sure their works are properly registered.

PRS for Music’s new portal, meanwhile, will publish the songwriter and composer credits alongside links between works (compositions) and recordings identifiers. The aim here is to help songwriters, composers and publishers to spot any issues with their metadata and fix them, ensuring that streaming services know who to pay. The PRS portal will launch early next year.

Written by: Stuart Dredge