PPL reveals £14.7m Q3 international revenue distribution


British collecting society PPL has announced details of its Q3 distribution of international revenue.

It is paying out £14.7m ($16.5m) to more than 33,000 artists and recordings rightsholders, collected from 73 of its partner societies around the world of international neighbouring rights royalties. The payment includes more than £1.9m from PPL’s sister company VPL, which licenses music videos.

How do these payouts compare to a year ago? In Q3 2021, PPL’s international revenue distribution was £15.2m, so it’s fallen by 3.3%. VPL’s payouts a year ago were more than £3m though, so the difference comes from that side.

Also interesting: the sharp growth in the number of people being paid. In Q3 2021 it was just over 18,300 performers and rightsholders, whereas now it’s more than 33,000.

Written by: Stuart Dredge