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Happy ‘Rightsholders Have Asked You To Remove More Than 6bn Links To Copyright Infringing Sites Day’ Google. Should we buy a cake to celebrate? Perhaps not.

TorrentFreak has spotted a new milestone for takedown requests fielded by Google’s search engine: more than 6bn URLs requested to be delisted since it launched the tool for rightsholders to make those requests a decade ago. British music industry body the BPI is the second-ranked reporting organisation over that period, having made nearly 584bn delisting requests according to Google’s public data. It’s beaten only by… a bunch of fictional elves?! Well, no. Rivendell, which has sent 654bn delisting requests to Google, is an anti-piracy firm that focuses more on the TV and film industries.

Taking the BPI as a guide to outcomes for music copyright delisting requests, though, 96.3% of its requests saw links removed; another 2.2% were duplicates; and just 0.8% saw no action taken.

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