HYBE reportedly acquires synthetic voice firm Supertone


Back when it was called Big Hit Entertainment, K-Pop firm HYBE bought a stake in synthetic voice startup Supertone. Now it appears to have acquired the entire company. That’s according to Korean news site Pulse (as spotted by MBW) which reported that HYBE has paid KRW 45bn (around $31.5m) to fully buy Supertone.

The company has developed what it describes as “singing voice synthesis” [SVS] technology, which has already been used to recreate the voices of dead artists for Korean TV shows. “SVS can sing a song by combining lyrics, melody, and beat information,” reported Pulse. “It can also separate the singer’s unique singing style and tone color from the human voice included in the music.”

With HYBE’s biggest act, BTS, currently on a break/hiatus, the timing may be significant. Could HYBE use Supertone’s technology to recreate the group’s voices for new tracks without putting the human members in a recording studio?

Written by: Stuart Dredge