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Vinyl sales are booming, but it’s also good to see an uptick in the discussion and innovation around making the format more sustainable. In 2022 we’ve written about startups Evolution Music and ElasticStage, who are both working on sustainable vinyl tech. Now there’s also Naked Record Club, founded in France by two ex-pat Brits as “the world’s first eco-friendly vinyl record club”.

People can sign up to the club on three, six or 12-month subscriptions, or simply buy its monthly releases a la carte. Its first release is ‘King of Nothing’ by British artist Babybird: an existing album that has never been released on vinyl before. Beezewax, Lowgold, The Chesterfields and Stars are among the other artists lined up for future releases.

The eco-friendly aspect is that the records will be manufactured at Dutch pressing plant Deepgrooves, which runs a 99% carbon-neutral factory.

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