We’ve been following with interest some of the grassroots efforts to create decentralised autonomous organisations (DAOs) around music. And they have mostly been grassroots efforts: built organically rather than securing the kind of hefty funding rounds that some NFT startups have seen. Perhaps that’s changing though: startup StemsDAO has just raised a $4m seed round whose investors include artists RAC and Boys Noize.

What is StemsDAO? It’s building a community of musicians who are creating tracks together – yes, from stems, which are made available as NFTs. The company is hoping to get established artists to offer their stems on the platform so that other people can make music with them – but with the promise of “full control and visibility into their IP and how it is used over time”.

It’s also using Lens Protocol, a web3-driven social graph that’s been generating a growing buzz in recent months. Definitely one to watch.

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