Audio Network taps Figaro to improve its search results


One of the key areas for innovation in production music at the moment is around metadata and search technologies, to make it easier and quicker for clients to search catalogues and get better results back.

The latest deal exploring this is between production music company Audio Network and startup FeedForward, and the latter’s music search engine Figaro.

Audio Network will be applying Figaro’s AI to “learn continuously about Audio Network’s catalogue of music and the language used to describe it, in the process shaving countless hours off classification and making search terms even more relevant.” That means keeping those terms updated over the 200k-strong catalogue.

It’s one of the most prominent deals so far for FeedForward, which has been developing Figaro for several years, and winning warm praise from music-industry people who’ve used it. It’s competing against companies including Musiio (now owned by SoundCloud), Cyanite and MyPart.

Written by: Stuart Dredge