European independents body Impala recently held its latest board meeting, and has published some of the conclusions drawn and policies affirmed there. Or reaffirmed, in the case of Impala’s opposition to the idea of introducing broadcast-style ‘equitable remuneration’ (ER) to music streaming.

ER was one of the recommendations made in the report from the UK’s parliamentary inquiry on streaming economics last year, but Impala is still not a supporter. “That would hurt labels’ investment capacity, damage the high growth sector of self-releasing artists, leave creators’ incomes at risk from erratic voting rights and distribution laws within some societies,” said the body in its summary of the recent meeting, which was published this morning.

“This in turn would have a negative impact on diversity, something which will also be raised in Impala’s upcoming report on its equity, diversity and inclusion work. The risk with this approach would be an “investment gap”, as revenues would flow away from the recording side of the business, including of course from self-releasing artists. Streaming is core business, it is not radio.”

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