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Roblox had just under 60 million daily active users in August, and its continued popularity is attracting brands and bands alike. However, there are risks in these partnerships according to Peter Robinson from research firm KidsNoBest, which surveys around one million children a year on their media and digital habits.

“Children we talk to are starting to feel disenfranchised by all the branded and commercial content on Roblox,” said Robinson in a talk at the MIPJunior conference in Cannes this weekend attended by Music Ally. “One child recently discussed with us how ‘adults have made a bit of a mess of the real world, and now they’re coming into Roblox and making a bit of a mess of Roblox’.”

Robinson also claimed that children are increasingly turned off by social media platforms where validation comes from the amount of friends and likes they can collect.

“It has, with the help of games and new social platforms, become much more about sharing interests, and niche interests, within a network of likeminded individuals,” he said. “Social is going to become less social: about personal health and wellbeing, connecting with the people that matter… That era of endorphin-hitting likes seems to be over, at least for some of our younger social users.”

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