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From its launch in 2008, Mixcloud’s focus was on long-form audio: DJ sets, radio shows and podcasts, complete with a blanket-licensing model to ensure royalties were paid for the music used in that content. Now the streaming service is taking a leap into shorter-form audio with a feature called simply ‘Tracks’.

Mixcloud creators will now be able to upload music tracks between 30 seconds and 15 minutes long, and have them showcased in a separate tab on their profile. Basic Mixcloud users will be able to upload three tracks, while those on the company’s Pro subscription will have no limits.

Obviously, there are some rules around this. Mixcloud wants original tracks only, rather than mashups, remixes or bootleg edits. “This makes Mixcloud the only platform that offers both livestreaming, long-form audio, and short-form tracks as well,” said CEO Nico Perez in an introduction video for the new feature. Consider that a challenge to SoundCloud, which thus far has partnered with Twitch rather than added livestreaming to its own platform.

One thing we’ll be following up on is how royalties work for individual tracks on Mixcloud, compared to the longer-form licensing structure.

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