Who we are:

We are developing an AI-powered music similarity search and auto-tagging that music companies, TVs and filmmakers use to find the right music for picture much faster. We have become the leader in this new and growing music-tech segment. Our goal is to make the discovery of music faster and easier. To achieve that, we are building a range of products, all built on our core machine learning technology.

We are based in Prague, Czech Republic, but we have employees and clients worldwide, mainly in the US and the EU.

Why we need you:

As we’re growing, we need to speed up and standardize the creation of music taxonomies, data curation and annotation. We believe your expertise and love for music will help our product and our clients find the right songs faster, and sort them in meaningful ways, using the vocabulary people working with music appreciate.

How you fit in:

  • You intrinsically understand popular music and its various musical and aesthetic qualities.
  • You have an all-encompassing knowledge of the musical landscape, and can navigate through alternative music genres, classical music, the so-called world music, as well as different musical instruments.
  • You have some experience with sync, i.e. matching music with picture.
  • You have been in charge of curating music or worked as a musical director.
  • You are a musician, music producer or a DJ yourself.
  • You are a native-level English speaker.

What you don’t need to know, but we appreciate if you do or if you’re willing to learn:

  • Some basic coding skills — we talk Python mostly.
  • A working knowledge of databases and experience with data analysis.
  • Understanding of the concepts behind digital audio and signal processing.
  • A basic grasp of the principles of machine-learning.
  • You’re eager to learn.

What we offer:

  • Both on-site and remote cooperation is possible
  • Office in Prague 7 – Letná
  • Salary according to skills and experience
  • Friendly teammates
  • Informal work environment
  • Opportunity to learn more about machine learning and AI
  • Chance to be at the forefront of AI revolution in the music business
  • Instead of disrupting their business, we are improving the lives of musicians and music companies worldwide by making their music easily searchable.

Are you interested in music, AI and recommendation technologies? Send us your CV to jobs@aimsapi.com and we will get back to you!

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