Hyph and Ableton launch new apps for music creation


There has been a flurry of new music-creation mobile apps in the last year or two, aimed at amateur musicians and pros alike. Two more have been unveiled this week.

HYPH will be an app designed to help people combine single-instrument stems into full songs, which they can then use elsewhere: “as backing tracks to user-created videos, added to personalised playlists, mixed with vocal recordings, uploaded to social platforms, and more”. The company is stressing that its music is not AI-generated, but rather comes from session musicians. “While HYPH owns the rights to all the songs created on its app, it will share any proceeds earned with song creators and music contributors,” promised the company. Its app will come out in an invitation-only release this Autumn ahead of a commercial debut in 2023.

Meanwhile, one of the luminaries of music-making technology, Ableton, has a new iOS app called Note. It’s a noodling app for musicians of all levels: “a place to start ideas, experiment with sounds and find direction” as the company puts it. And of course, it’s designed to connect with Ableton’s cloud service to help musicians take these ideas to their regular studio setup.

Written by: Stuart Dredge