October is World Menopause Awareness Month, and in fact yesterday was World Menopause Day. There’s a welcome initiative around it from the UK’s Music Publishers Association, which has created some ‘M³ (Menopause, Menstruation & Miscarriage) Guidance for Managers’ that it will be distributing to members in November.

We’re talking about managers within a business (publishers in this instance) rather than ‘music managers’ obviously. The document will aim to help those managers support employees who are going through one of the three stages of menopause; have period-related health issues; or pregnancy loss.

The MPA hopes that it will help managers to have “candid and respectful conversations” with affected colleagues. “We hope to encourage our colleagues to ask for what they need at work, without any judgement and provide managers with the appropriate tools to provide support where requested,” said Helen Choudhury, head of diversity, equality and inclusion at MPA Group, who is also its Champion of Menopause (a role that could be a positive thing in many companies, we sense.)

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