Sony Music’s latest partnership focuses on Khaleeji pop


Sony Music Entertainment Middle East has announced a deal this morning with Ghmza, a Kuwaiti creative studio focused on music and video. It’s an interesting partnership, which Sony Music says will focus on producing and promoting ‘Khaleeji pop’ (definition here – it can also be written as Khaliji) artists from across the Middle East.

The first two artists to work with Sony Music under the partnership are Bader Al Shuaibi and Bashar al-Shatti, with the former having already racked up more than 1bn audio and video streams for his music. The aim will be to cherry-pick more talented artists from Ghmza’s roster and give them a springboard to global listeners.

That’s something that the global streaming services may also be able to help with: all have playlists focused on Khaleeji pop, from Spotify’s ‘The Sound of Khaliji’ to Apple Music’s ‘Khaleeji Pop Essentials’ and Deezer’s ‘Khaleeji Golden Hits’.

Written by: Stuart Dredge