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Audius’s take on ‘web3 music streaming’ has focused mainly on its decentralised nature and its plans for tokens, with a smattering of NFT features to boot. Now it’s upping its efforts in another area of web3: the metaverse.

Audius has acquired SoundStage·fm, a startup that has been working on “virtual musical experiences” held in online venues styled as ’SoundClubs’. They are virtual environments that use video – including fans joining via webcam to interact.

The two companies haven’t given too many details yet of how SoundStage’s SoundClubs will be integrated with Audius’s main service: for now it may be more a case of the DSP encouraging its community of artists to use SoundStage’s standalone service.

However, clearly there is plenty of potential for deeper ties: Audius has already signalled its interest in metaverse integrations by launching its own radio station last year in virtual world DeFi Land. “There’s an ambitious product roadmap for as we work with Ara [Kevonian, the founder of SoundStage] to create new virtual experiences for music fans,” promised Audius chief product officer Forrest Browning.

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