SoundCloud is launching an official music bot for Discord


Users of chat platform Discord will soon be spoiled for choice when it comes to ways to play music within it. We reported earlier this week on Discord’s launch of a ‘Watch Together’ YouTube co-viewing feature, but now SoundCloud has launched an official Discord bot (a piece of software that people can add to their Discord servers) too.

People will be able to use the bot to search for music from SoundCloud’s catalogue; play recent tracks that they’ve liked on the streaming service; stream music from artists who they follow on SoundCloud; and discover tracks based on tags, genres and moods.

Discord has more than 150 million monthly active users and 19m active servers, including a growing number devoted to music or individual artists (and, indeed, an official SoundCloud server).

Also worth noting: SoundCloud’s announcement of its Discord bot included an updated stat on its catalogue: “over 320 million tracks”. That’s more than three times bigger than the 100m tracks that Apple Music recently announced it had available.

Written by: Stuart Dredge