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This month we’ve been writing regularly about developments around creative AI systems, and particularly the evolution from ‘text-to-image’ (where a system creates an image in response to a text prompt) to ‘text-to-video’. We shouldn’t forget that ‘text-to-music’ is also a viable area for experimentation.

Existing AI-music startup Mubert is one of the companies doing that, and last week it released a demo interface for its text-to-music system. It includes generating original music from a prompt, as well as an integration with Stable Diffusion to create music videos.

Two things about how Mubert is approaching this are interesting. First, it is stressing that “All sounds (separate loops for bass, leads etc.) are created by musicians and sound designers, they are not synthesized by any neural network… it is important for us that musicians stay in the equation”. Second, its licensing enables people to use the created music for free with attribution to sync with images and videos, but “you can’t release it on DSPs as your own”. Commercial licences must be negotiated directly.

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