Bono on U2’s Apple giveaway: ‘I take full responsibility’


Apple’s decision to give U2’s new album to every single iTunes user in 2014, adding it to their library whether they wanted it or not, went down badly with non-fans.

Now the group’s frontman Bono has fronted up to the controversy in his new book, as excerpted by the Guardian.

“What was the worst that could happen? It would be like junk mail. Wouldn’t it? Like taking our bottle of milk and leaving it on the doorstep of every house in the neighbourhood,” he wrote. “Not. Quite. True. On 9 September 2014, we didn’t just put our bottle of milk at the door but in every fridge in every house in town. In some cases we poured it on to the good people’s cornflakes. And some people like to pour their own milk. And others are lactose intolerant.”

The section on Apple has some other fun titbits too: for example U2 offering to be in one of Apple’s iPod ads in October 2004 for free, although their manager’s suggestion that “some Apple stock, even a symbolic amount, might be a courtesy” was slapped down by Apple CEO Steve Jobs. “Sorry. That’s a dealbreaker.”

Apple’s share price in October 2004 was $0.73. Its stock price now? $147.27 (and that’s with three stock splits in the intervening years).

Written by: Stuart Dredge